Data Integration, Management and Protection

Data Integration, Management and Protection

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The world’s #1 sort, and 1-pass “super tool” for big data integration, reporting, and moreā€¦

Manage and Protect Big Data Faster; Perform or speed big data ETL, BI, migration and batch processing! Combine data transformation,

conversion, protection, and reporting in one product, one job script, and one I/O pass with CoSort.

Quickly unload very large databases! Speed ETL, reorgs, archival, migration, replication, and offline

reporting with FACT.

Easily migrate your applications, databases, and platforms! Convert data for BI, data marts, EDI, ETL, ODS, SOA, spreadmarts and more with NextForm.

Fully comply with data privacy laws like HIPAA, PCI, POPI, and the EDPD! Prevent data loss and promote data governance goals with FieldShield

Rapidly prototype DB and ETL operations! Outsource development safely, stress-test applications, and benchmark new platforms — all without production data with RowGen

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