Network and System Management, System Monitoring and Surveillance

Network and System Management, System Monitoring and Surveillance

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class=”larger”>Comprehensive systems management is essential for monitoring high availability and efficient utilization of complex network. Advanced systems management solutions provide suitable tools for detecting and signaling errors, monitoring operations, collecting and assessing operational data, quality of network services, operational support including help-desk services in an entire system which integrates hardware and systems software. Our Solution focuses on eliminating financial and operational burden related to network surveillance systems application.

The monitoring system enables the managers of the organization to supervise the whole IT and communication system operation, the quality and the availability of external services used for system operation, and, if necessary, to make well-grounded decisions on system enlargement, operation, and external service utilization on the basis of the data provided by the system.

Our solution also focuses on surveillance of SS7 signaling in a multi-switch multi-protocol environment where multi-leg calls are traced and correlated into single CDR which can be used for applications such as billing verification, Best Cost Routing, Network QoS, Fraud Detection, etc.

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